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DK English School Celebration

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

September 20, 2021

By Yan Li

During the weekend, the teachers of DK English School met for a joyous dinner and certificate ceremony at the house of Dr. Deoksoon Kim, director of DK English School. Dr. Kim welcomed the teachers and research members into her home with warm smiles and friendly embraces.

10 teachers received a Certificate of Teaching English Language Learners for all their hard work and dedication, and the other teachers are on track to receive theirs. The certificates award teachers for attending high-quality, weekly professional development sessions as well as 14 weeks of teaching practicum experience. The certificates only go to show that DK English School is blessed with extremely committed and qualified teachers, who put student learning and engagement at the forefront!

During a dinner filled with delicious Korean food, the teachers shared laughs and fun stories about their teaching experiences. It was clear that all the teachers knew their students well , were proud of all the progress the kids had made, and thoroughly enjoyed teaching at DK English School.

At the end of the night, Dr. Kim bought out 2 pumpkin cakes and candles as an extra surprise! The cakes were paired with fruit and very tasty. The teachers definitely left the event with full bellies!

Lastly, there was fun a photo competition for the person that took the best photos. Competition or not, the photos turned out great! DK English School would not be as successful without all our wonderful teachers!

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