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Highlights from our team

Happy Graduation Seniors!

We would like to congratulate Leslie Kim from Centreville High School for graduating high school!

Leslie has been a member of the DK English School for a longtime, and has also participated in a few conference presentations this year. We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Leslie and asked her a few questions.


The most important lesson Leslie has learned at DK English School is how valuable people's opinions are. Seeing everyone's thoughts on how they could improve the lessons for DK English School showed her how having varying opinions from a group of people leads to more thoughtful suggestions for improvement.
The most enjoyable part of DK English School for Leslie is collaborating with the other members. They are all very friendly and always bring up interesting points whenever they discuss.
Leslie's future plan is to attend college and see where things go from there. She wants to have a meaningful time there and is interested in joining a group where people collaborate and research, just like in DK English School.


We wish Leslie the best of luck in all of her future endeavors! 

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